Reset SC trouble code on Ricoh MP 3353

When the machine displays an error code (Call for servise SC-XXX) there is a functional problem with the machine. Sometimes the code can be cleared by turning the machine off for a minute and then powering the machine back up. When powering down the machine, first turn off the on/off switch.

Ricoh MP 3353

This allows the machine to perform and complete its power down sequence. Wait until the panel has gone dark and any flashing buttons have stopped flashing (3-5 seconds). Then turn off the main power switch. Wait for a minute and turn the machine back on, first by the main power switch, then the on/off switch on the operation panel. Sometimes, an error code can be cleared with next procedure:

On the keyboard panel, type 8 0 6 1 8 2 then hold down “C” key and wait to change the display. Turn off the machine and turn it on.  If the code reappears call your service provider and inform them of the code that is displaying on the operation panel.

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