Reset trouble code H5-01 on SHARP MX-M266N/M316N/M265N/M315N

By the service manual, it means 5-time continuous jams of POSD.

  • A fusing jam is not canceled completely. (A jam paper remains.)
  • POSD sensor trouble
  • Fusing unit installation trouble
  • POSD sensor connector and harness connection trouble
  • PCU PWB trouble
  • Fusing unit, drive section trouble

In most of cases it means that on the machine has a misfeed has occurred. It can be from paper feed rollers (casette) or some problem with the fuser unit (broken upper fuser roller gear).

After removing the paper jam, relacing a paper feed rollers or upper fuser roller gear, use SIM14 to cancel the trouble.
How to reset trouble code H5-01:
Entering in a simulation mode:
Machine in Copy mode: Select Program key; Asterisk (*) key; Clear key; Asterisk (*) key; 14; Start; Execute, Yes; CA.

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