Trouble code list for Sharp AR-5516 / AR-5520

  • E7 01 Duplex model memory error/ Image data error
    1. The memory capacity for the duplex model machine is wrong. Insufficient memory capacity.
    2. Duplex setting is set for a single surface model.
    1. The memory capacity on the MCU PWB is wrong.
    2. Setting for a single surface model is wrong.
    Check and remedy:
    1. Use SIM26-39 to check to confirm that the memory capacity is 64MB. If it is not 64MB, replace the MCU PWB.
    2. If SIM26-04 is set to 1, change the setting to 0. If it is 0, replace the MCU PWB.
  • E7 02 LSU trouble
    The BD signal from the LSU cannot be detected in a certain cycle. (Always OFF or always ON)
    LSU connector or LSU harness defect or disconnection.
    Polygon motor rotation abnormality.
    Laser beams are not generated.
    MCU PWB abnormality.
    Check and remedy:
    Check connection of the LSU connector.
    Execute SIM 61-03 to check the LSU operations.
    Check that the polygon motor rotates normally.
    Check that the laser emitting diode generates laser beams.
    Replace the LSU unit.
    Replace the MCU PWB.
  • E7 06 Image data decode error

Image expansion error.
MCU PWB abnormality; USB cable trouble.
Check and remedy:
Replace the MCU PWB; Replace the USB cable.

  • E7 10 Shading trouble (Black correction)
  • E7 11 Shading trouble (White correction)
  • E7 16 Abnormal laser output
  • F2 02 Toner supply abnormality
  • F2 04 Improper cartridge (destination error, life cycle error); Identification error; Model error; Type error; Destination error; Data abnormality; Misc error
  • F2 40 ATC sensor abnormality
  • F5 02 Copy lamp lighting abnormality
  • H2 00 Thermistor open
  • H3 00 Heat roller high temperature detection
  • H4 00 Heat roller low temperature detection
  • H5 01 5 continuous POUT not-reached error
  • L1 00 Scanner feed trouble
  • L3 00 Scanner return trouble
  • L4 01 Main motor lock detection
  • L4 31 Fusing FAN lock detection
  • L4 32 PSFAN lock detection
  • L6 10 Polygon motor lock detection
  • U2 04 EEPROM read/write error (serial communication error)
  • U2 11 Counter check sum error (EEPROM)
  • U2 12 Adjustment value check sum error (EEPROM)
  • U2 40 CRUM chip communication error
    — Auditor NOT READY
    CH ON None Side door open
    CH Blink None Developing cartridge not installed
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